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I've always loved to write and in 2014 I decided to take the plunge and start a fashion and beauty blog; which is now widely known as The Tiny Blonde Blog. Hi I'm Taylor, the tiny blonde.
The Tiny Closet was originally a tab on my blog as just a place where I categorized my fashion and outft posts. I never imagined it would be the best name for a store. 
I began to really get into fashion when I started working at a boutique in my town. I loved everything about it - the pictures, the buyers binders, the secret ways to get an awesome shot, and of course I loved the clothes. I noticed I started shopping online more and more until it finally got to a point that I had so many outfits that I never wore. I let friends and family members buy the new with tags clothes from me and that's when I thought, "Hey I could do this!"
I've never been the type to work under someone. My parents tell me there are chiefs in this world and then there are Indians. I am a chief in a world of Indians. I believe that there are book smart people and overly creative people. I was never the book smart kind. I was always upset or frustrated when my creativity and ideas were shot down because "that's not what sells!" I don't want the basic clothes every other boutique has. I don't care what the "other boutiques" are doing. I'm going to do what I want to do.  
When we first decided to go ahead with the store we thought we needed clothes! Didn't care about the time of year, the season, or what was trending...didn't have any paperwork either; except for a buyers permit and a sketched logo that looks nothing like the new one. We headed straight for mart in 2016 and bought about $1,000 or less worth of inventory. 3 shirts, 2 jackets, some accessories and that was really it. Of course we got some strange looks because we didn't understand the lingo or what "in-stock" meant in the wholesale world. We told the sellers just to get the clothes whenever they could, no rush...4 months later we got them. That was dumb. We knew we were in way over our heads and at times I wanted to quit and maybe try again when I was older. But I didn't; I kept my head up and kept pushing forward.. 
I started doing more research and looking at other sites trying to figure out what they were doing that made me want to buy from them. I asked tons of questions to family members and friends who had their own business. I took notes and wrote down any and everything that made me think. I read so many books on the subject. Lets just say I did a ton, just to make sure it was perfect. 
I want this company to grow and become successful. So far its been a crazy ride and I love it. We may be very small right now, but stick around for a little while and we will be sure to shock you. With a little faith, consistency, and a ton of long hours, I know we can grow to something you'll forever love.
XO Taylor Jones
Founder and Owner 

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