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  -All Outfits available at -Blog post by: Haley Asofsky

Updated Skin Care Routine

I have people ask me a ton about what I do to my skin to keep it from drying out and looking dull. I have never been to a dermatologist so the products I use are over the counter and pretty inexpensive. Well some. This routine works for me and my skin type, which is normal [...]

Floral dress and Bow heels for a perfect Spring Wedding 

Well if you saw my Snapchat and Instagram story I’m currently immobile because I have torn some ligaments in my ankle!! Last night I was walking down the stairs in my parents garage and fell down them and handed on my ankle… did I mention they were brick? So right now I am in a [...]

I was mad at God 

Some people may be able to relate to this post because believe it or not, at some point in your life you’ve probably been there too. We never want to say it aloud in fear that a lightning bolt will strike us down just by THINKING about being mad at God.  I, like I’ve said in [...]

Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial + I dropped my Kylie Cosmetics Palette…..

Just realized that I have 3 videos with having to do with Kylie Cosmetics… HAHA oops. Was other kind of looks are you wanting to see? Let me know! Enjoy the video. DISCLAIMER: If you hear a beeping noise its my alarm at my house. It was going off.. of course. What else could go [...]

Cheap and Simple Ideas for Valentines Day

This may sound crazy but I LOVE Valentines Day. Even when I’m single I adore it. I’m obsessed with all the RED AND PINK EVERYWHERE.  I also really enjoy laughing at how mushy gushy the cards are and how lovey dovey the candy is! I know people usually expect jewelry or a huge present for [...]

Sparkle flare pants Perfect to watch the Ball Drop into 2017 

I can’t believe 2017 is already here! Like I can’t even remember what all I did in 2016! Feels like I was just in Gatlinburg watching the ball drop!  I’m over the sparkle dresses and skirts this year! I’m rolling into 2017 with glitter sparkle flare pants from Show me your MuMu! If you haven’t [...]

Tan fuzzy sweater with a Red Beanie ft. Santa Paws

You may not can tell but it was COLD this day. Sadie was shaking and wasn’t feeling this whole cold weather thing and I’m not the biggest fan of the weather either.  Funny thing that happen too! At then end of the day Blake and I wanted to take a photo for Christmas to give [...]

The Blush Fur Jacket to make you feel like the Kardashian of your Holiday party

This jacket may not have been a necessity for Alabama weather but it was appropriate for me and my personality. As soon as I saw it I knew I’d find somewhere to wear it! Its actually perfect for those holiday parties and I promise you, all eyes will be on you! My lose pony tail [...]

Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Edition Giveaway

Holiday Edition Kylie Cosmetics Makeup Giveaway! THAT’S RIGHT I’m giving always a bundle of Kylie Cosmetics for the ultimate Christmas present to all my followers and subscribers! One winner will get the entire bundle and the two people they tag will get a Lip Kit! (of whatever is in stock on Kylie Cosmetics) Here are the rules: [...]